The Cosmic Force – Gateway to Soul-Self-Discovery

The Show Synopsis:
The Jennifer Angel Show, The Cosmic Force, explores astrology and cosmic topics as a gateway to soul and self-discovery, bringing mainstream audiences up to speed with practical metaphysics and spirituality for everyday life.

Through Astrology, and exploring all areas of the cosmic metaphysical world, spirituality and more, the show features the best of today’s inspirational teachers.

Set in a comfortable chatty environment with a host and co-host, this reality based, audience participation talk show, reveals how to live a self-actualized life—the process of establishing oneself as a whole person, able to develop one’s abilities and be inspired to live the life of your soul’s purpose.

Astrology outlines the strengths and challenges of your Astro-DNA, and gives permission to be who you are, inspiring you to live the life you were meant to live.

The Jennifer Angel Show is an exiting and innovative ‘go to’ place to learn new life tools and be inspired. It is a thought provoking “how-to” show that inspires people to transform their life through the knowledge of Astrology and use of practical metaphysics and spirituality, The Cosmic Force, that you were born with and that is available to each and every one of us.

Log Line:
Jennifer Angel’s talk Show, the Cosmic Force is the Gateway to Soul-Self-Discovery and inspires you to tune into a higher frequency and live the life of your dreams.

Mission Statement:
A heart based commitment to create an authentic, evolutionary community that is empowered and excited to inspire people to live a purposeful life—their best life!


Segment one – Opening: Jennifer Angel and the co-host open the show with a light-hearted news report of magazine style with topics that relate to Astrology profiling metaphysics and spirituality.

Segment two – Interview Cosmic Topic: Jennifer Angel and the co-host interview a specialist in their field, on a topic that allows participation with both the host and audience.

Segment three – Astrology Reading: Jennifer Angel does Astrology reading from a viewer’s question email.

Segment four – Ask Oprah: Two questions are asked of the show’s specialists, Oprah and/or other teachers. One question is asked from the hosts and the other from a viewer. Questions are asked in advanced with the specialists response filmed.

Segment five – Celebrity Interview – Personal Practice and Faith / Activism / Biography:
Jennifer Angel and the co-host interview a celebrity about their daily metaphysical or spiritual practices, or teachers specializing in spirituality and metaphysics.

Segment six – Cosmic Wheel: An audience member spins a tarot-like cosmic wheel to win prizes for themself and for a call-in viewer.

Segment seven – Entertainment: An artist, singer, musical content.

Close: Upcoming show promotion.


Jennifer Angel, resident astrologer, relationship specialist, and metaphysical writer for New York’s Daily News with 2.3 million readers every day, Star Magazine with over 10 million readers, and read on several electronic publications including, with nearly 18 million unique users p/month, and – No. 1 for street style.

I’ve spent my life studying and working in the field of astrology, spirituality, metaphysics and self-development. Astrology is the gateway to spirituality and self-discovery and wherever, whenever I meet an audience – male, female, all walks of life – they are initially captivated by astrology, their sun sign, their planetary personality, my predictions – but the conversation moves quickly to questions about life improvement and the mysteries and purpose of life on a much deeper and broader level.

Jennifer Angel’s The Cosmic Force is the Gateway to Soul-Self-Discovery and inspires you to tune into a higher frequency and live the life of your dreams.




The Cosmic Force


* Personality Analysis – How does your zodiac DNA shape your personality
* Soul Purpose – What gifts does your horoscope show to be your soul’s purpose
* Relationship Compatibility – Composite and Synastry charts 
* Moon Cycles – New and Full Moon rituals for manifestation 
* Transits – How do planetary interactions play out in a personal chart and world affairs
* Interview Astrologers – Different Types of Astrology: Astro Cartography / Electional

* Past life Interpretation – Reincarnation and what it means
* Mediumship – messages from those who has passed over
* Psychic Readings – The different forms of psychic readings 
* Angels and Spirit guides – How to work with your guides 
* Forms of Divination – Tarot, Aura Readings, Runes, Palmistry, Graphology, etc.
* Numerology – Pythagorean and Chaldean system and how to use them 
* Crystals – the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals
* Herbology – the magical and healing essence of herbs and how to use them

* Explore different Religions / Faiths / Cultures – Celebrity Guest Interview
* Explore different forms of Meditation – Going within / Connecting with Source / Chanting
* Thankfulness – The power of prayer and gratitude
* Journaling – Your inner connection
* Life Beyond – Reincarnation and the eternal life of your soul
* Develop Intuition – Strengthening the relationship you have with yourself & spirit
* Tithing – The power of opening your heart and wallet

Wellbeing and Healing:
* EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. Meridian Tapping for enhanced health –
* Fitness – Enliven energy through movement / Yoga / Thai Chi –
* Healing – Reiki /Massage /Distant healing /Aromatherapy /Reflexology /Acupuncture
* Holistic Therapies – Enhance brain power through sound / Kinesiology

* Feeling worthy of giving and receiving love
* Compatibility or Chemistry

* Home Decorating – The Feng Shui way
* Home Energy Clearing – Drumming & smudging the Native American way
* Goal Setting – Lifestyle ideals /Values /Dreams /Vision boards /Removing upper limits   

An Example of Different Faiths to Explore during Celebrity Interviews:

  • Christianity
  • Judism
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Islam
  • Spiritualism
  • Agnostic
  • Atheist
  • Druidism
  • Amish
  • Celtic paganism
  • Humanism
  • Jehovah’s witness
  • Native American Tribes
  • Indigenous Tribes / Aboriginals
  • Scientology
  • Shamanism
  • Taoism
  • Theism
  • Universalism
  • Wicca

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